What is Computer Network and characteristics of it?

Computer Network is a part of communication branch and it is the oldest branch of electronics field. Main purpose of computer network is to establish communication. Establishment of communication happens with the help of telecommunication.

Telecommunication means communicating at a distance.

A communication system is the means of conveying the information from one place to the other in less time.

These information could be in the form of different types such as sound, picture, music, computer data etc.

So, far we have understood about network and we also gained basic understanding of information.

Now let’s see what is data.

Data is anything which convey message or information. It could be anything like from text to videos and voice to hand gesture.

Now, an Important question why data is so important in computer network. It is because computer network is used to deliver data or information to a intended user. It also consist their own information and information to whom data has to deliver without these information it may not be useful. These information are IP address, MAC Address etc. I will not explain that in details here but IP address is the most common requirements for computers in network. You can read about IP address in my another article.

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Lets move forward and read more about it. In this paragraph we will see characteristics of computer network.

There are three main characteristics of computer network. which is very important for communication.

  1. Delivery
  2. Accuracy
  3. Timeliness
Firstly, What is Delivery?

The data should be delivered to the correct destination. It should reach only the intended user and not to any other user.

Secondly, What is Accuracy?

In computer networks it is very important to avoid data alternation or corruption while sending. So in Here it affect accuracy of received data.

Thirdly, and most importantly, What is Timeliness?

Data should deliver without any time delay and therefore Data Delivery is called Real-Time transmission of data.

In conclusion, Computer networks are group of two or more computers connected together for sharing data from one place to another and also read about characteristics of computer network. To continue reading more about it stay tune and keep supporting.

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