How to change unhealthy habits?

How to change unhealthy habits?

People say, changing an old habit is more difficult than developing a new one. We often face it in our daily life where we want to change our bad or unhealthy habits but seems difficult when it comes to implementation.

Here in this article we will see how one can change his/her unhealthy habits just by following simple steps.

As the english saying goes…….one should not be a slave of his/her mind instead one should trained their mind in such a way that your mind should follow your orders. I know it is bit difficult but not impossible.

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So, Lets understand how you can command your mind and if you can master this it is nearly impossible for you to be with unhealthy habits.

The very first step one needs to take is.

How to change unhealthy habits?

Maintain a diary with the self analysis. Write it done – these are the weaknesses that prevent me from going forward.

These are my areas that I need to improve.

Have a clear picture……

and then draw up a scheme on how to work upon it.

Second Step is.

Every morning and evening revise what have you written on your dairy.

In the morning when you wake up check out your diary.

This will remind you that you need to focus on these points.

you will not hurt anybody with your words.

This is my resolve.

Then at night again take a moment for self analysis.

Where did you make the mistake?

In this way, when we are careful we will slowly keep moving ahead and accordingly God will help us.

God might create those situations to challenge you. so that those mistakes will come out. and then from inside he will tell you look, you made this mistake you need to improve yourself. Then again you need to repeat the same rule.

so with your effort and with God’s grace that difficult goal that is the aim of the endeavour will be reached.


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