How to control your mind?

How to control your mind?

The mind is durnigraham (difficult to control). Not impossible.

Even the journey of a 1000 miles will begin with a single step. Never mind how we are, point is what to do in our next step.

If you have fallen a 1000 times. Remember, you getup 1001 times.

The mind is difficult to control.

you say take the mind to GOD, but my mind goes to everything else.

what should I do? It seems like it’s more difficult than the wind.

I would like to share a famous conversation from our holy book Mahabharata.


This is Arjun speaking……

He’s the famous gandhivdhari Arjun, the wielder of the gandiva bow.

Arjun’s mind was actually so controlled and focused that in the ashram of Dronacharya. Guruji once took a test. He lined up the hundred kauravas and the five pandavas and he said

“There on the tree is a bird, Take aim on its eye.”

They all lifted their arrows, placed them on the bows and took aim.

Guruji asked “Duryodhan, what are you seeing”?

Duryodhan replied: “Guruji, I am seeing the bird and the tree and i’m also seeing bhimsena.”

Bhimsen, What are you seeing?

Guruji, I’m seeing a tree and the bird and its eye”.

“Yudhisthir, what are you seeing?”

“Guruji, The bird and its eye.”

“Arhun, what are you seeing?”

Arjun says, Eye, Eye, Eye……..”

That was his razor sharp focus.

But a time when Arjun is feeling nervous in the Bhagavad Gita and he is saying, Hey “Shri Krishna”…..

“This mind seems more difficult to control than the wind.”

So, at least we can understand that, mind is not just a matchbox that you will burn it and throw it away. it will require effort. It will not happen automatically over night.

In response to Arjun’s question Shri Krishna answers,

असंशयं महाबाहो मनो दुर्निग्रहं चलम् |

“Arjun, What are you are saying is undoubtedly correct.”

He did not dismiss Arjun.

He says, Asamsayam – you are right.

The mind is durnigraham. It’s is difficult to control not impossible.

It is difficult but then so many things are difficult in this world.

you have done so many difficult things in this world.

The amount of effort and endeavour you put in, in the material side for material gain

if you could put that much in the spiritual side, we would forever be free. of this cycle of life and death.

I understand It is difficult, so what?

I will still endeavour. and how to endeavour.

Shri krishna says…..

अभ्यासेन तु कौन्तेय वैराग्येण च गृह्यते || 35||

“Arjun, with practice and with detachment”.

you will gain success.

Detachment means you will take the mind off from the negative side.

Don’t be attached to worldly things. This is detachment and then practice, stick to the lotus feet of God and Guru. This is a abhyas, but don’t expect the mind to remain there.

In a little while the mind will come back.

Now don’t get discourage take it again away, lift it again. Again it will come back.

when this happens, We think and says.

“what is this?”

‘I tried so hard to correct my mind, and again it got spoiled.’

See, the first thing required effort – detachment.

The second also required effort – practice.

The third did not require any effort.

It happened by itself.

what was that?

The mind came back.

Why does this happens ?

Because the mind is material.

The mind is made of Maya.

The world is made of maya.

and the mind is also made of maya.

They are sajatiya – of the same type.

That is why the mind loves to dwell on the ras of maya.

we all have experience a situation when our friend comes to say something and suddenly he stops and ends up saying nothing. At that time our mind force us to ask.

What happened?

then your friend says…..oh forget it, I’ll not tell you.

At that moment our mind is like please please please tell me what has happened and we force our friend to tell us.

and then our friend says that other friend of us has started following spiritual path and started attending swami ji lectures.

At very moment our reaction would be like areh what is unimportant thing I heard I thought he would be going out with some girl or something.

See, the mind love the material ras.

This is natural for the material mind.

Don’t be astonished,

If the mind goes into the material side, Never be astonished.

Why did this thought came to my mind ?

Don’t be depressed.

It will…..

but as a sadhak (The Seeker ).

what is our job?

to take it away and take it there. (To God).

So, This is vairagya and abhayas is the sovereign Recipe for controlling the mind.

So, practice is ultimately, what counts.

We hear good things and then we starts practicing, we must practice. This way , we go ahead.

The world will give us ample opportunity to practice.

During, this journey you promise that you will not become angry.

now, the world is so designed. It will create situations of anger,

and God is also working behind to take test in every steps.

He says, “All right you made resolved not to become angry now let us see.

I am going to get this little boy who will throw mud in your three piece suit and then you become angry but the you realise

‘oh ho, I made mistake’

All right, this time I lost out.

I fell down to this defect.

I will try harder.

As somebody said,

If we stumble. It is to only learn the secret of a better walking.

God will create those situations that those mistakes will come out.

In this way, when we are careful we will slowly keep moving ahead and God will help us.

so with your effort and with God’s grace that difficult goal that is the aim of the endeavour will be reached.

If you have fallen 1000 times, you get 1001 times.

Never mind how we are, point is what to do now and the next step and how will the next step be accomplished…..Only with practice….. practice….. practice…..

As we keep practicing we become better and better at it.


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